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The true story of how Steven Lin went from the average Asian nerd to dating NYC’s hottest women. With details on how you can achieve the same.

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The X Code: How to Build a Power Social Circle

How to create a social circle conducive to meeting women and connecting with influential people, no matter if you're nerdy, shy, or terrible with the ladies

About 10 years ago I saw this hot model on Myspace and fell in love with her. I vowed to myself that I’d date her one day.

If that sounds creepy, it’s because it is. I was the creepiest dude ever. I didn’t even have friends to talk to, much less any girls to date.

I was the stereotypical 5’ 7” shy Asian nerd who basically just had no idea how to meet women or even friends for that matter.

So I decided to learn how to get better with women. I Googled, bought books, and got some advice from the so-called “experts.”

There was some good advice, but there was a lot of shitty advice. Advice that told me I should go out every night and hit on 100s of girls per week just to get good with women.

A lot of the advice was pretty damn sleazy. Books & video courses told me to go out and approach women on the street and use these weird pick-up lines to get women.

Although, it helped to get me out of my shell, it just made me a creepy “pick up” dude. Yes I was a little braver with women, and I did have sex with a girl or two, but I was no where near close to getting the women I wanted — the hot models I saw on social media and in magazines.

Worst of all, I had so little self-awareness of how I was portraying myself to women. I didn’t realize my behavior actually turned them off because I was “trying so hard.” I was sucking value instead of providing value.

I realized I needed to change myself and stop being such a low-value man.

When you think about the guys that actually get really hot women — the guys that are surrounded by these women at the club (and going home with them) — were not the guys that were creepily hitting on random women.

These guys were really well-liked. Well-respected. They had a lot of friends, and also a lot of hot female friends.

Beautiful women gravitated towards them. The game was so simple for them because the woman was initiating the flirtation instead of the other way around.

So I did as much networking as I could to find these guys and befriend them.

Believe me, this wasn’t easy. In fact befriending these guys might have been harder than trying to hit on random chicks at clubs.

But believe me, it was worth it. Because I found a group of guys that were killing it in the social scene in NYC, dating the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and I became a part of their group.

Why were gorgeous women so attracted to these guys? (PS. It wasn’t because of looks or money).

What they were doing was not rocket science. I realized that anyone could do the same thing, but almost NOBODY was actually putting the effort to do it.

The key was building the RIGHT social circle.

I’ll teach you how to meet these very important people, effectively (without seeming like a douchebag trying to suck value from them), and how to join these social circles so that you’ll be reaping the maximum benefits — beautiful women, influence, great friendships, and more.

The 2nd key was the way they carried themselves around beautiful women and also other men.

They portrayed themselves in a very specific way. In fact all of them had ONE specific trait that made them extremely like-able right from the get go.

But of course, there’s more to it. In my book I’ll show you the nitty-gritty details that will get you connecting with the hottest women in your city.

It took me years of trial and error, but I started seeing superhuman results.

I was sleeping with women that I thought were previously WAY out of my league — Maxim models, Playboy playmates, Instagram hotties, strippers, and even pornstars.

And I’m not rich, handsome, tall, or Caucasian. Like I said, I’m an average looking 5’ 7” Asian dude (but I did get a good score on my SATs).

So I wrote down everything I did, and I will teach you how to do it.

Now I will admit, it DOES take effort.

But it’s a very worthy investment. And the key word here is investment. Because yes, you’ll be working your ass off for 6 months, but after that you’ll be set.

And it’s not just about getting hot girls. With this system, your whole life will be different. Girls will be plentiful, and you’ll make connections that will even help your friendships AND business relationships.

With my book it will be MUCH easier for you to replicate my system.

Instead of figuring it out yourself (like I did), you’ll be executing with much better time-efficiency. Instead of taking years of trial and error, you’ll be able to replicate my results within 6-12 months.

And even if you’re not able to devote massive amounts of time to it, just knowing the principles will help you start to slowly improve your lifestyle because you’ll be aware of the social constructs that most men aren’t privy to.

Grab the 10 Code now, and this is what you’ll get

  • The “SOCIAL CORE SYSTEM” which will allow you to create a team of guys that will help you find tons of women to have sex with
  • How to woo “HIGH LEVEL CONNECTORS” that will introduce you to perfect 10s, and basically make them deliver you hottie after hottie (it’s not easy to make them like you, so this section is super important).
  • How to live a Dan Bilzerian lifestyle, without having tons of money. It requires access to one specific type of person… find out who and how you can leverage them to achieving this amazing lifestyle.
  • Getting access to true 9s and 10s: These women are heavily guarded, so it requires more than a pickup line to even talk to these women. Learn how to invade their world and attract tons of these types of women.
  • Become a Boss: Discover the exact persona you need to attract 10s. Keep in mind this persona isn’t a set personality, but one that can be molded to fit every individual.
  • Becoming a Master of 10s: The logistics of dating a 10. It’s not just about meeting them, but you need to learn how to keep them as well.
  • 30-day money back guarantee: Don’t like our product? Then we have a 30-day money back guarantee so you can get a full refund.


BONUS – Beautiful Women Hacks: My little black book of cool “hacks” I’ve used to meet women. These include some crazy tactics that I don’t think anyone has ever taught. Believe me, after reading this you will say “Why didn’t I think of that?!” ($29 value)

BONUS – Social Circle Hacks: Want to learn how I crashed a Maxim Magazine party, became friends with one of the ex-editors (who’s now one of my best buds), and scored a date with a Maxim model in the same night? Social circle hacks will show you how to grow a network and invade social circles you probably wouldn’t be able to invade.

Remember, this package is for those guys that are ready to make a HUGE change in your life.

If you’re satisfied with the women you’re dating, then this book is not for you.

This book is for the guys that are ready to go out there and EXCEED their expectations.

This book is for the guys that want to date TRUE 10s.

If you’re ready to put the effort necessary to date a perfect 10, then click purchase now.

For our special 2017 launch event, The 10 Code is being sold for only $39.99 (down from a retail value of $99.99)! I will close this promotion after the first 200 sales!

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Questions? Here's Some Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for everyone?

I would be lying to you if I said this would work for everyone. Absolutely not. The basic requirements are that you’re living a stable lifestyle with a decent job. You don’t have to be making 6-figures, but you can’t be a McDonald’s worker.

I’d recommend having at least 40k per year in salary, which isn’t much, but that would be the bare minimum since you’ll probably be paying for some basic necessities such as food (for dates), drinks, club tickets, clothes, etc. (PS. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, get that shit handled first before you even think about women.)

Also, this works best for guys living in Metropolitan areas. If you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere in redneck country you’re not going to be meeting any hot women. Cities like NYC, Vegas, LA, Miami with a good nightlife scene will be best, but any large Metropolitan area should suffice.

Lastly, this is meant for guys age 21-50.

And be in shape dude. There’s no substitute for being a lazy fat bum.

How much time does this take to implement?

Depending on how hard you work per day, this could take as little as 3 months. However, you can work your pace as slow or as fast as you want, it will just take either longer or faster depending on your pace. On average, I’d think about 6 months until you’re dating/fucking a really hot model.

Are there any other pre-requisites for this course to work?

If you have severe social anxiety when talking to women or people in general, there may be other more beginner courses that should serve your needs a little better.


What will you get?

  • E-book with embedded videos
  • 3 FREE Bonuses that Will Multiply Your Success With Women
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